Head Coach:  Keegan Gaskell


Competitive Baseball: These teams represent (hence the term "rep") Hammonds Plains in all major tournaments in the province, Atlantic region, and Canada (if successful in the National Play downs for our area).

This is generally very competitive baseball requiring cooperation and commitment from both the players and the parents (guardians). Rep teams are ranked as Triple A (AAA), Double A (AA), or A with AAA being the most competitive for the age group.

Rep teams are selected by the coaching staff and independant evalulators from a list of players in each division who registered to tryout for competitive baseball. The coaches’ selections are generally based on several factors including, but not limited to, desire, attitude and various skills and abilities depending on the requirements of the team. Players who are not selected for the AAA team are given the opportunity to tryout for the AA team, and so on until all rep teams are selected. Any remaining players, after tryouts are completed, are selected by the house league teams.

The number of rep teams in each division depends on the skill level and number of players registered to try out in each season.  There is generally team fundraising at the rep levels to offset the costs of tournaments. HPBA's Fair Play policy is in effect for all "regular season" games in competitive baseball, but coaches are free to play "as required" for national play downs, nationals,  provincial tournaments and playoffs.

All tournaments are at the expense of the individual teams.

13U Competitive

Baseball for players who will be age 12 or 13 in this calendar year.

The concept of stealing bases is in full force at this level by allowing base runners to "lead off". Pitchers are also called for balks.

Rep teams compete in the Baseball Nova Scotia Bluenose League and generally participate in 3-4 tournaments during the baseball season.

All regular season home games are played at the Eisenhauer Field Hammonds Plains.  Their away games can be anywhere from Yarmouth to Cape Breton.  They will play two games away and have two practices a week.  This will most definately include weekends.