Field Booking Schedule

Practice times are limited to 2-hour timeslots.  To book a field, download the schedule to see what timeslots are available and email your request to Barb Brophy.

For those looking to book the batting cage at Eisenhauer or Weir, please note the following:

Booking field time at Eisenhauer or Weir (games or practices) does not mean you have access to the cages - they are booked separately.

Due to the number of teams looking to book time at the cages, teams are not permitted to book an ongoing weekly session in the cage.

Cage time does NOT include the use of bullpens.

Eisenhauer - remember there is NO PARKING in the firehall parking lot.  You must park at the upper lot and walk down the path to the cage.  Cage time does not include use of the bull pens - please be respectful and leave them for the teams playing their ballgame.  Cage time begins at 6:15 through the week to give the teams warming up a chance to use the cage prior to their game - no early birds please.  There is a Bownet and an L-screen in the shed. Please be sure to break them down and return them to the shed when you are finished with them - do not leave them in the cage.

Please note:  Some issues have come up that need to be addressed.  Coaches, please ask your players (and their parents) to be respectful and not hang out at the fence or dugout blocking the view of the folks who are there to watch their kids play. Also, batting cage players/parents are not to disrupt the players who are there to play their game.

Weir - there will be an L-screen left in the cage at all times - if you remove it from the cage during your session, please make sure you return it inside the cage.  Cage time does not include the use of the bull pens if you do not have the field booked at the same time for a practice or game.

Please note, field requests come in daily and although I like to try and keep the website updated with the latest copy, it isn't always possible - emailing a few different options for field times is the best way to ensure you secure field space. 

Also note that if you book a field time and aren't able to use it, please let me know so I can free up that field for others to use that timeslot.

You will notice some timeslots available during the week - these were purposely left open to allow space for make-up games due to rainouts or cancellations.  While you can book them for practice timeslots, make-up games do take priority and you can and will be bumped with very little notice.  To ensure your team gets a practice in each week, each team has been assigned a weekend practice timeslot.


2018 FIELD BOOKING SCHEDULE - coming Spring 2018