HPBA News / Rain Procedures



It is the responsibility of parents / players to check the HRM Field Conditions Website (link below) on inclimate days.  HRM Field Conditions site is updated once per day - Mon-Fri at 3pm and Sat-Sun before 8am - (if they close the fields at the specified time and the sun comes later that day, the fields are still closed for the entire day - they won't update a second time).


 HRM Field Conditions


HPBA fields are ALL DIRT (sand / soil - HRM)

 If HRM closes the fields - there is NO baseball

 (NO Games / NO Practices)


Private Fields:


If you are scheduled to play at any of these privately-run facilities, field status will be updated on their websites:


Weir (Springfield Lake Rec Centre)
LWF/Fall River Fields - WJCC

Sackville - Les Mayo


If it rains after HRM has opened the fields, it is up to coaches (and officials in the event of a game-time on-field decision) to decide if a game is playable or not based on current field conditions then to communicate that back to your team.


If you cancel prior to game start time, please be sure to cancel your umpires with Phil Moscovitch as well as let Barb Brophy know that the field was unplayable and Keegan Gaskell to cancel field prep by our summer students.


If you are scheduled to play a game outside of HRM, it will be the coach or team manager's responsibility to communicate with the opposing coach / team manager to determine if the game is a go or not then communicate the decision to the rest of your team.



Great video for coaches:


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