DQ® Rally Cap 6U T-Ball


Baseball skills for players who will be age 4, 5 or 6 in this calendar year. The emphasis here is FUN! The fundamentals of baseball are introduced using the Baseball Canada DQ® Rally Cap program. 

The proper way to throw a baseball, holding and swinging a bat, running bases plus many more skills your child will use for a lifetime are introduced to the kids in a fun and informative manner. 

During the season, parents will play a big part in assisting the coaches with the development of their child's skills. Want to have your young baseball player learn the fundamentals of baseball? Sign them up in our DQ® Rally Cap (6U) program, participate and watch them go! 

All DQ® Rally Cap 6U games are played at Patterson Field in the Maplewood Subdivision. They play once, sometimes twice a week - and it is NOT a set night.  The night varies from week to week. The season will typically start the second week of June and run until late August.  Game times are 6:30pm on week nights and two times on Sunday - 4:30pm and 6:30pm. There are no games scheduled on Saturdays.

Games run between an hour and an hour and a half.

Every year we have all girls teams as well - should you have a daughter who would rather play on a team with other girls just let us know. 

Each player must have their own glove and helmet.

The season will generally start the 2nd week of June and runs until late August.

To download the 2018 DQ® Rally Cap 6U Schedule, click below:


DQ®RallyCap6U.xls        DQ®RallyCap6U.pdf