DQ® Rally Cap 8U


Recreational baseball for players who will be age 7, 8 or 9 in this calendar year.

Utilizing all the skills and rules learned from DQ® Rally Cap 6U, the 8U level of baseball introduces league play.  Coaches pitch and provide adult catchers for all games. Skills are taught using the Baseball Canada DQ® Rally Cap 8U program.

Great start for players who are new to baseball.  Also for players who have played before but haven’t quite mastered some of the basics (infrequently catches a ball when thrown to them; infrequently catches a fly ball when thrown or hit to them; doesn’t make consistent contact when a ball is thrown to them at bat; throwing is a bit erratic). 

Teams in this division will play against themselves.

The field for all regular season games is the Tantallon Woods field. They play one or two games a week.  There is no set night - they play on random nights.

A practice session is held just before each game. 

Games are not played on Saturdays - teams may choose to practice on Saturday. All evening games start at 6:30pm. There will be two games scheduled on Sundays  4:30pm and 6:30pm.

Games run about an hour and a half.

The season will start the 2nd week of June and runs until late August.

There are all-girls teams.

You have to purchase a glove and a helmet

There are NO playoffs in DQ® Rally Cap 8U.

To download the 2018 DQ® Rally Cap 8U Schedule, click below:

DQ® Rally Cap 8U.xls       DQ® Rally Cap 8U.pdf    - COMING SPRING 2018

To download the Rally Cap 8U Rules - click HERE.