11U House League

11U Recreational

Baseball for players who will be age 10 or 11 in this calendar year.  There is no stealing  at Mosquito level and players do all the pitching using the coach pitch rule.

House league teams are comprised of players who did not register for competitive tryouts, as well as players who did tryout but were not selected for a rep team. House teams are formed after a skill rating process is conducted in an attempt to make all house league teams in each division somewhat equal in strength. 

Teams may compete in district play downs and Provincial tournaments at the house level. HPBA's Fair Play policy is in effect for all games including tournaments and playoffs (as well as districts and Provincials if entering) for recreational baseball.

All regular season home games are played at various 11U size fields: LaPierre in Kingswood and Uplands in Hammonds Plains. 11U house teams may decide to compete in a couple tournaments during the baseball season.

There is no set night - and games can be anytime Sunday to Friday evenings. 

 Practice schedule for 2017

Division Team  Friday Saturday Sunday   Time 
11U A's   Uplands   8 to 10am
11U Athletics     TCAC2 10 to noon
11U Blue Jays   TCAC2   10 to noon
11U Brewers   TCAC2   8 to 10am
11U Orioles   TCAC2   8 to 10am
11U Pirates   Uplands   10 to noon
11U Red Sox   TCAC2   10 to noon
11U Rockies     TCAC2 8 to 10am
11U White Sox     Uplands 10 to noon


The season will start the 2nd week of June - Playoffs start in mid August with the championship held at the end of the summer - Dates to follow

You have to purchase a helmet and glove.  Boys should be wearing a cup. This is also the age when all players should start to play with cleats and not sneakers.

_______________________ will be tracking all 11U scores

Please email _______ with the following information:

  • Teams playing (team numbers)
  • Who won and what the score was for both teams
  • Date of the game
  • If a make-up game - the date of the originally scheduled game

To download the 2018 Mosquito 11U schedule, click below:  COMING SPRING 2018

Mosquito11U.xls        Mosquito11U.pdf

To download the 11U House League Rules - click HERE